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John Keohane

I knew Redd when we were both students at Shimer College, in the late 50s. Redd started at Shimer in ’54, which means he was an “early entrant”. Some who were intellectually gifted, as Redd was, were allowed to start college without completing high school, and by in large, these were our best students.

But Shimer was more than studies to Redd. He was always enthusiastic and always organizing things. He served many terms on the student council, elected by other students, often the other residents of Hathaway Hall. Redd served on the orientation committee, with me, and on the assembly committee, and was active on the staff of our I 10 watt college radio station, WRSB. WRSB didn’t have a large reach, but since it did reach most of our small campus, and most student were resident, it did have an audience.

Even in student days, when students tend to be critical, Redd was very positive about Shimer. My father chaired social sciences, and taught government and economics at Shimer. As I recall Redd was especially enthusiastic about courses with Dad.

I really appreciate all your updates on Redd. I can see it in the Redd I knew. Perhaps it’s the Shimer in me, that says one basic text, the 1959 Shimer yearbook, listing all students, shows an address for Redd in River Forest. That said, I can understand why he would have chosen Oak Park.

Redd’s loss to those who knew him is real. He will be missed.

--John Keohane
BA, Shimer College, 1959
Austin, Texas

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